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2014. 04. 17. - Miserium

Dear All! After this long delay our acoustic EP called Wireless will be available at 23th April on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon etc...
We would like to present you live this new stuff with a special acoustic show which will be on 30th April Hunnia Bisztró (Budapest Hungary). Also the teaser is available, so stay tuned!
the Wireless I is the first acoustic EP by Miserium with acoustic adaptations of songs from Return to Grace 01 - Introitus 02 - Imagination Destroyed 03 - Mu...

2014. 03. 14. - Miserium

...and here's the first official news about BZ Project (Hungarian) />

2014. 03. 14. - Miserium

Dear All! We have to announce that Mr. Zoltán 'BZ' Bátky (After Crying, At Night I Fly, ex-Stonehenge, ex-Wendigo, ex-Phoenix Flies etc.) singer chose Miserium as his background musicians for his solo project which is called: BZ Project! A new EP will be out soon and we'll do a special concert on 5th April, on 'BZ's birthday. Check out the band's facebook site here:

2013. 12. 29. - Miserium

Ladies & Gentlemen,
As you can see we're a bit silent for a while, but the reason is we 're getting on our road, and we're trying to make you some new stuffs in 2014. Another year went to oblivion, and a new's just begin, so please be patient, and you won't regret it. Stay Tune! :)
Kamelot - Song For Jolee Vocal cover by Szabolcs Tari - Miserium Original instrumental by KAMELOT - Album "SILVERTHORN", 2012

2013. 12. 20. - Miserium

Zsolti and his other band make a brand new video! Check it!
Eredeti dal: Nickelback - Rockstar ( Legközelebbi koncert: 2014. január 25. Supersonic (Vörös&Kék Yuk) Esemény: ht...

2013. 12. 14. - Miserium

The Christmas is coming, so those who want to give their loved ones or themselves a Miserium CD can do it cheaper 'til 24th of December:

2013. 10. 29. - Miserium

As you know we're workin' on a new stuff, and now it's time to make some promotion photos. Are there any photographers in our acquaintances how's ready to shoot some frames from us?

2013. 10. 21. - Miserium

Thank you everybody who was there yesterday night, especially Ákos, Máté and BZ for playing with us!

2013. 10. 18. - Miserium

Just 2 nights, and you can see us with Leprous and Blindead on A38 boat!
We'll have som guests with us on the stage: Ákos olt (Kill With Hate), Máté Bodor (Wisdom), and Zoltán 'BZ' Bátky (After Crying, ex-Stonehenge, ex-Wendigo, etc.). If you're bored of our face, you'll get some new experience :)

2013. 10. 13. - Miserium

We've unfortunately ran out of discount-prized tickets for our next show, but you can buy tickets at official places.

The album is done!

Listen at SoundCloud!